Cat entrance

Here our staff will greet you and your pet with a smile, and a treat!  

Exam rooms

Our exam rooms are geared toward the best care possible for your pets.

Our exam rooms are comfortable, clean, and modern. 



Our staff monitors your pet throughout the entire procedure.  We are focused and dedicated to your pet's health and well-being. 


​Our laboratory allows us to run select tests in-house for prompt diagnostics.

Dog exam room

Welcome to Dog and Cat Depot!

As you can see, our surgery suite was designed for patient monitoring.  The suite is enclosed in glass in order for the entire staff to monitor your pet from every area.

We make sure to monitor all patients carefully through every step of their surgery from inoculation to being fully recovered from anesthesia.  

​Cat exam room

Welcome to Dog and Cat Depot!  We have two entrances. The Main entrance into the front lobby, and the Cat entrance around the side.
​Our main entrance leads into the front lobby, used primarily for dogs.

Take A Tour

Your kitties will enjoy their

visit with our 'dog free' areas.

Our feline patients enjoy

their own entrance, and

their own waiting room which leads directly to our cat exam room!  We understand that your cat gets nervous about traveling and doctor visits, so we have designed our cat section to help alleviate stress and anxiety. 

We hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of our facilities.

If you ever have any questions about what we can do to make your pets visit a positiveexperience , please give us a call and we will do whatever possible to make your visit as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Surgery Prep 

Main entrance

             All Aboard

To A Happier, Healthier Pet

We have a side entrance for our feline patience. This provides them with a more private area to help reduce the already stressful day of a vet visit.

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Surgery recovery


The in-house pharmacy allows us to fill most prescriptions in a prompt timely manner. We do ask for 24 hour notice for refills on medications.


Our kennels are designed to give your pets a clean private area during hospitalization, with an ease of monitoring and administering treatments.

Dog And Cat Depot