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To A Happier, Healthier Pet

Little Bit and Peanut are sisters that were picked up on the side of the road by one of our staff. We think they are approximately  9 months to 1 year old.

Peanut has been spayed and is working on getting all her puppy vaccines up to date. She is Heartworm negative, has been dewormed and treated for fleas, and is on her heart worm prevention.

Little Bit will be spayed on 2/15/23. She is working on getting her puppy vaccines up to date. She is heart worm negative,  has been dewormed and treated for fleas, and is on her heart worm prevention.

These girls would LOVE to have a home for Valentines Day!

Please contact us at the Dog and Cat Depot if you are interested in adopting either of these cuties and adding them to your family.

Nala and Momma have been adopted together! We are so happy that mother and daughter get to go live their lives together as a companion to an elderly gentleman. 


If you see an animal that you are interested in please inquire at 423-347-2000 or email:  Click here to download Adoption Application


UPDATE: Buddy has taken up permanent residence at the vet clinic as the clinic cat, where he receives love from the staff every day and the ongoing medical treatment his asthma requires.


EARLY ON, Living in Feral Cat Box

Update: Lazarus has been adopted!

Lazarus arrived as a feral cat in a trap. He has been learning to accept (and now even solicits) human interaction. He is neutered, NEGATIVE for Felv and FIV viruses and fully vaccinated. He is estimated to be between 1 and 2 years old.

Lazarus went to live with the horses as a barncat!

Today- No Feral Cat Box Needed!

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Update: Nana and Momma are loving their lives in their new home.


Update:Sassy Has been adopted!

Sassy was jealous in her old home when new kittens arrived and her old owners decided she needed a new place to live. 

Sassy's new owners had just lost there cat to bone marrow cancer. She is now the one and only cat. She went from a home with a colony to finally finding the lap of her dreams and not only bring comfort to her new owners.

Buddy loves attention, playing in boxes, playing with jingle bell toys, Catnip, and just hanging out.

We love receiving updates!

​Sassy is loving her new life, and her family loves her so much!

Posted 2/10/23

Update:Simba has been adopted!

Simba was brought to us when his owner had to move and couldn't take him with them.  

Simba's new owner is an aspiring vet assistant. Simba now has one other cat sibling. He went from a barn cat to a luxury life.

Adopted! ​Willow has been adopted by one of our staff and now lives a spoiled life getting all the love and pets she could ever wish for.

Little Bit


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