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Animal Welfare Minded Veterinarian
Job Requirements:
Enthusiasm for the Veterinary career you have trained so hard to have the opportunity to practice. Management of cases from CORE healthcare to chronic diseases to acute illness and trauma and, of course LOTS of spay and neuter.
Essential Skills
- Eagerness to continuosly improve your knowledge and skillset a MUST!
- Enthusiasm for working with support staff to continuously improve their knowledge and skillset.
- Willingness to learn from and share ideas with support staff and other Veterinarians on site to produce the best outcome for patient care

Schedule is negotiable. We mostly staff 4-day workweeks. Consider starting as Contractor/Relief Vet for several months to test compatibility with our practice to determine if becoming an Associate is a good fit for both sides. Part-Time position would also be considered. Willing to mentor the right new grads.

Lots of opportunity to spay and neuter as well as a very diverse patient demographic that allows you to manage chronic diseases, treat acute illnesses and trauma as well as educate clients on CORE healthcare needs.

We also host Veterinary Technician students from Lincoln Memorial and Penn Foster programs allowing teaching opportunities for these students. In addition, ongoing education of current employees in all positions is always a priority. On occasion we also host Veterinary Students from Lincoln Memorial. 

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Posted 12-17-23



Passionate Veterinary Technicians
You are the key!

Essential Skills (not a complete list)

- Have a passion for ongoing learning and expanding your skillset
- Take thorough histories and explain medical recommendations to owners
- Draw blood and place IV Catheters
- Case management for hospitalized patients
- Induce, monitor and prep surgical patients
- Enter medical records into computer system
- Decipher Doctor notes and know when to ask for clarification!
- Fill medications prescribed by Doctor after verifying that the Rx as read makes sense for the patient and knowing when to ask for clarification!

At the Dog and Cat Depot we rely on your in-depth medical knowledge and your highly developed organizational skills to manage and direct the patient flow. Your excellent written and verbal communication skills will serve as a focal point for communicating with and educating our pet owners regarding healthcare-related issues (by phone and in person). You will provide recommendations to pet owners regarding the optimal care of their pets. You will oversee and maintain medical records, which incorporates your attention to detail. Using your in-depth knowledge of veterinary medicine, you will assist our veterinarians in diagnosing and treating pets, monitoring anesthesia, performing lab work, performing oral health procedures and surgeries, and monitoring hospitalized pets.

We offer competitive compensation, Dental and Vision Insurance, CE and licensure allowance for TN licensed Techs and generous employee discounts on care for your personal pets. (Plus, Kevin provides lunch almost every day!)

Email resume and cover letter to Dr Twark at

​Posted 12-17-23

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