For concerns regarding ingesting of poisons, please contact the Animal Poison Control Center. ​Please be aware there may be a
​$95 fee for services rendered.

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To provide a source of healthcare for dogs and cats in our northeast Tennessee region, with an emphasis on Dentistry, Preventive Healthcare and Spay-Neuter services.

We strive to care for your pets through wellness and preventive care.  

At Dog and Cat Depot, our staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, respectful, and friendly.  We will always put the health and wellness of your pet above all else.  

Our role as veterinary professionals is to team with you and your pets to make informed, compassionate decisions.  We consider the medical needs of our patients along with the preferences, ethics, and financial resources of their owners.  

             All Aboard

To A Happier, Healthier Pet

If you have an urgent matter related to recent services received at the Dog and Cat Depot, call us at 423-347-2000.
For EmergenciesNOT related to services received at the Dog and Cat Depot Wellness and Spay-Neuter Clinic, Call either of the following three locations:

Knoxville:  Animal Emergency and Specialty Center - (865) 693-4440
Tri-Cities: Airport Pet Emergency Clinic – (423) 279-0574
Morristown/Talbott: Five Rivers Pet Emergency Clinic – (423) 581-9492

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