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Dog and Cat Depot Wellness and Spay-Neuter Clinic is a primary care and spay-neuter clinic. The services that we offer focus on Dentistry, Preventive Healthcare and Spays and Neuters for dogs and cats.

Our office is open Tuesday through Friday from 8 am-4:30 

Call 423-347-2000 during office hours to make an appointment.

All Spay-Neuter surgery fees include a rabies vaccine, if needed, at the time of surgery. It is encouraged that you schedule a pre-surgery exam prior to scheduling your spay-neuter appointment. The $25 Pre-Op Exam Fee paid at that time will be applied towards the cost of your spay or neuter.

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The following fee schedule represents a partial menu of the most common services. The prices are subject to change.

Spay-neuter Pre-op Exam: $25
Dog Spay: $80
Dog Neuter: $80
Cat Spay: $50
Cat Neuter: $35

Annual Wellness Exam: $35

1 Year Rabies Vaccine: $10
3 Year Rabies Vaccine: $15

Canine Heartworm Antigen Test with Microfilaria Screening: $15
Canine DAPP Vaccine: $14.50
Canine DAPP-L4 Vaccine: $19

Feline FeLv/FIV Test: $24
Feline HCP-FeLv Vaccine: $28
Feline HCP Vaccine: $11