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Need help with potty training?

18 Weeks old

14 weeks


So now that you have your new fluffy bundle of joy, what does he need?

We recommend the following protocol for your new puppy for vaccines and preventatives.

A very important thing for your puppy to learn is how to have its nails trimmed. Check out these resources for some helpful tips to give your dog a fear free experience with nail trims.

> Keep a set of nail trimers out where your dog can see them.

> Play with your dogs feet while relaxing on the couch or a comfortable spot to get them used to their toes being touched. Never force more than your dog is comfortable with and try to always end on a positive note. 

> Give your dog a high value treat when you pick up the nail trimmers so they associate them with getting something good.

> Remember to take a break if either of you starts to get stressed.

~ Puppy comes back for its DAPP and Lepto vaccine boosters.

These vaccines are now good for 1 year!

~ Pick up your next dose of heartworm prevention.

Nail trimming doesn't have to be stressful

Congratulations on your new PAWfect family member! 

~ Puppy comes back for a DAPP vaccine booster, this visit we recommend adding the Lepto vaccine as well.

~ We will need to boost these again in 4 weeks.

~Pick up your next dose of heartworm prevention.

Puppy can now start a monthly flea preventative.

~ Puppy heartworm test.

After this visit if Puppy has slowed down growing you can pick up a 6 month supply of heartworm prevention.

6 Months


8 weeks old

10   Weeks  old

~ It’s time for your puppies first doctor visit! Puppy will get a physical exam and should get their first DAPP vaccine. We will boost this vaccine every 4 weeks until Puppy is over 4 months old.

~ We also recommend Puppy starts on a monthly heartworm prevention (Interceptor Plus or Milbeguard are the products we carry). These also provide intestinal parasite management. We recommend picking these up monthly as Puppy is growing. If you have not started deworming every 2 weeks we recommend picking up some pyrantel while at this visit.

~ Start thinking about scheduling Puppy’s Spay or Neuter. We often are scheduling 2-4 months out on spay and neuter surgeries.

~ Practice inside your home before moving

~ Put some yummy canine treats in your pocket

or a fanny pack. Keeping these handy helps

you reward your dog quickly when he follows

your instructions.
~ Attach the leash to your dog’s collar.
~ Maintain a loose hold on the leash. If the

leash is held too tightly, your dog may feel restricted and frightened.
~ Encourage him to move by saying, “Let’s go!”
~ Lavishly praise your dog and give him a treat or a toy when he steps forward.
~ Continue offering him treats with every step he takes.
~ Spend several short, three-minute sessions walking him throughout your house.
~ Keep sessions positive. If you’re relaxed and confident, your dog will feel the same way.

2 Weeks old

6 Weeks


Check out this link with tips

for training your puppy

to potty outside.

Leash walking tips and tricks

Puppies need to be dewormed every 2 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. We recommend starting with Pyrantel dewormer. 

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~ Puppy will get his DAPP vaccine booster at this time. ~ Pick up Puppy's next heartworm prevention dose.

12 Weeks old

  • Crates are an important puppy housetraining
    tool that can make your life easier.
  • Puppy pads and paper training offer a temporary
    solution to housetraining.
  • Consistency, attention, understanding, and patience
    ​are all key in housetraining.

~ Puppy is old enough to get a Rabies vaccine now.

~ This will be good for 1 year.