Community Bee yard and Pollinator Garden

Heritage Beekeepers of Hawkins' County

    Located behind the Dog and Cat Depot; your local bee club- Heritage Beekeepers of Hawkins' County; has established a bee yard (apiary) and a pollinator garden. In the summer of 2017, over 80 plants and 1 ton of mulch was integrated in front of 15 honey bee hives. A gravel path up to the hives was created to make inspections and maintenance readily available for the many beekeepers and members of the club including students from Cherokee High School who regularly schedule visits to check on the health and provide education to the community. All work was done by volunteers from members of Heritage Bee Club and the Sustainability Society 4H from Cherokee High School. Along the side of the clinic you will also find a small raised bed garden brought about by a local Girl Scout who earned her badge during this project.

In 2018- more beneficial plants will be planted, with a goal of over 100 plants and at minimal, 10 additional species. Next to each plant this coming year, you will also find markers indicating the name of the plant. Also in the following year there are plans to have more hives added. On the horizon is a mural along the bottom wall depicting pollinators. Eagle Scouts will be constructing a sign that educates visitors about the importance of honey bees. Several workshops are planned at the site for the club and community. These include: Planting for Pollinators, Hive Construction and Painting, Inspections on the local, regional and state level, and more.

To donate, please contact Heritage Beekeepers, it is very much appreciated. Visiting is completely free and highly encouraged, and can be scheduled by calling Heritage Beekeepers at the following numbers:

Ace Ely                     (president of HBC) 423-358-3225

Becky Johnson   (vice president of HBC) 423-327-4788

Wanda Coleman       (secretary of HBC) 423-944-3230

Alternatively, everyone is welcome to join us at our local meetings that are held on the second Thursday of each month starting at 6:30pm, please find us on Facebook or visit for more information.
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